Insurance for Life Science Companies

Who is protecting you when systems go down? Waking up to a business interruption can be paralyzing, especially for a business in the life science industry. Whether your firm specializes in pharmaceuticals, biotech, nutraceuticals, or clinical research, we have industry-specific insurance packages designed to keep your company safe. BioSurance’s incident response team is trained in helping life science businesses get back on track.

At BioSurance, we work with companies at all stages of development. We match early-stage startups and Fortune 500 firms with a wide range of insurance products designed to protect against the financial losses incurred in the moments you’re least expecting.

Pharmaceutical Companies

We provide packaged policies tailored to the unique risk profile of pharmaceutical companies operating in the U.S. and abroad. Regulatory requirements and changes in tax law put pharmaceutical companies at extreme risk. Asset protection policies and adequate insurance coverage are necessary for those companies.


Companies that work with biologics face risk not contemplated by “off the shelf” insurance products. In order to get the insurance you truly need, BioSurance knows the difference between mono-clonal anti bodies and recombinant DNA. 

Clinical Research Organizations

CRO’s have a hand in the genesis of most new drug products. The management of clinical trials is very complicated and must follow strict rules as dictated by the mandates of Good Clinical Practice and the International Council for Harmonization. Failure to follow these protocols can be catastrophic to the CRO and its clients.  Our insurance products help mitigate the risk you face.

Nutraceutical Companies

Nutraceuticals fall into a broadly defined marketplace. Vitamins, herbal remedies, “energy” products, most ingested items that are sourced “naturally” and are alleged or proven to have “physiological” benefits. This broad definition is fraught with risk, most of which are not covered by an “off the shelf” insurance product. BioSurance knows the risk faced and can craft insurance coverage to meet these specialty needs.

Medical Device Companies

The medical device industry is rapidly changing. Technology, artificial intelligence, the IOT and implantables are all changing the landscape of the industry. BioSurance not only understands the direction you are going in, but also has the products that provide the coverage you need.


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